Multi-ApplicationOnlineProfiling  2.1
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oAnalyzerThe Analyzer is the MPI program which is run together with the analyzed program
|oAnalyzer BlackBoardAllows to use the Black board component, the event dispatcher, the reporting component
|oAnalyzer configurationAnalyzer components configuration utilities
|oCollectors interfaceCollectors related utilities
||oCollectorsCollectors related interfaces
|||oMPI ProfileMPI Profile utilities and storing functions
|||oOTF2 Trace file generationImplementation of OTF2 trace file creation
||||\InternalInternal functions
|||| \OTF2 SpecificFunctions needed by OTF2
|||oRank analysisMPI rank utilities and storing functions
|||oSample AnalysisBasic implementation of a Collectors 's Analyzer
|||oSection groupBasic Renderer
|||oTime analysisMPI time analysis utilities and storing functions
|||\Wrapped profileWrapped events duration profiling
||\MPI communication matrixMPI communication matrix structures and utilities Used by MPI_Report
|oDatasetDataset structure and utilities
|oDataset ListDataset chained list utilities
|oEvent dispatcherEvent dispatcher used by an Analyzer and associated with the input communication stream
|oMPI Event classMPI event class verification
|oMPI Quadrant[UNUSED] : MPI Quadrant
|oMPI ReportAnalyzer component for rendering reports and functions for wrapping calls to Report functions
|oMeasure CollectorGlobal structure used for storing MPI, connection info and the corresponding tools
|oMeta data handlerGeneric structure and utilities for storing Stream descriptor informations and hierarchical informations
|oRenderingReports generation related utilities
||oData RendererData rendering utilities for profiling data
||oGrid handlerGrid handlers related utilities
|||\Grid Handler ColorRGB color utilities defined in Grid handler
||oOutput modelsProfiling report output models
|||oHtml modelProfiling report output generation in HTML
|||oLatex modelProfiling report output generation in Latex
|||\reST modelProfiling report output generation in reST
||oReportReporting component
||oReport nodeChildren nodes of a Report tree
||\Report treeTree like structure (and its utilities) used in Report component, and containing Measure Collector modules (each of them being stored in a Report node )
|\Trace collectorMain component of the Analyzer
oCommonThis module contains the Common part of MALP
|oBinary TreeThis is the binary tree topology used by MALP for its internal communications
|oBit ArrayThis is a bit array data structure implementation
|oBloom FilterA bloom filter is a compact probabilistic data structure where elements can be added and where element existence can be queried
|oBuffered FIFOThis is an implementation of a Buffered FIFO data storage
||\InternalsNot to be used directly
|oBuffered LIFOThis is an implementation of a Buffered LIFO data storage
||\InternalsNot to be used directly
|oCRC64CRC64 Implementation
|oChained ListThis is an implementation of a chained list data storage
||\InternalsNot to be used directly
|oDebugVarious debug utilities
|oHash TableHash Table implementation
||oAccessorsAccessors functions (push, get, etc.)
||oInit/ReleaseInitialization and release functions
||oInternalsInternal Hash_Table functions
||\WalkersFunctions that executes functions on elements
|oHash Tree (not used ?)Hash_Tree
|oSpinlockThis is a spinlock implementation
|oTimerThis is a set of functions used to measure time precisely. This timer is process wide
|\UtilsVarious utilities
oData ModelThis module contains the Data_Model part of MALP
|\Wrapped symbolsThis section relates to "manually" wrapped symbols
| \Wrapped Symbols footprintsThese are wrapped symbols footprints
oIO ConnectorThis module contains the IO_Connector part of MALP
|oIO Connector mainThis the main of the IO_Connector program
|\IO connector launcherReports generation related utilities
oInstrumentationThis module contains the Instrumentation part of MALP
|\Sync TimeThis module is in charge of synchronizing time between MPI processes
oLauncherThis part contains the description of the launcher part of MALP
oParallel BlackBoardThis module contains the Pbb part of MALP
|oData EntryBase piece of data
|oKey entryA Key_Entry identifies a set of Knowledge_System
|oKnowledge systemThis is a component specialized in data processing
|oMALP blackboardMain component of the Parallel BlackBoard , and a core component of a Analyzer BlackBoard
|oMALP blackboard levelNot used, except the KS_ID macro
|\Pbb workersA Knowledge_System uses a set of Workers in order to process data in parallel
oPost CommonThis module contains the Post_Common part of MALP
|oDuration handlerThis is a time duration post processing
|oRed HTThis is a HashTable which is able to do reductions (parallel computation on a tree manner)
|oSample grid
|\Time grid
oVirtual MPIThis module contains the virtual MPI part of MALP
|oInternal use onlyInternal use only
|oMapsMaps related utilities
|oPartitionsPartitions related utilities
|\StreamsStream related utilities
| oGettersGetters on Streams
| oRead and write callsRead and write calls
| \Streams ManipulationUtilities for streams manipulation
\WrapperThis module contains the Wrapper of MALP
 oFunction entryFunction entry
 \Wrapper mainWrapper main