Multi-ApplicationOnlineProfiling  2.1
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oC_VMPI_StreamInternal declaration of a stream endpoint
oCBinary_TreeStruct defining a binary tree
oCBit_ArrayDefines a bit array
oCBloom_FilterThis is the main structure defining the Bloom Filter
oCBuffered_FIFOThis is a struct defining a FIFO It is composed of several Buffered_FIFO_chunk
oCBuffered_FIFO_chunkStructure defining a chunk of FIFO. The Buffered_FIFO is made of several Buffered_FIFO_chunk containing the data
oCBuffered_LIFOStructure defining buffered LIFO
oCBuffered_LIFO_chunkStructure defining a chunk of LIFO. A buffered lifo consists in several chunks which are stacked in a lifo fashion. Moreover those chunks gather several elems in order to avoid alocation and dealocation plus it reduces the pointer versus data ratio for small amount of data
oCchained_listBasic buffered chained list
oCChained_ListThis a structure wrapps the use of chained_list This is the main chain list structure to use
oCchained_list_viewThis struct is used to improve performance when sequentially walking through
oCColorColor structure containing RGB values
oCData_entryStruct defining a piece of data that can exist on the blackboard
oCEvent_LocusStructure defining a location for an event
oCEvent_PackStruct defining a pack of events
oCEvent_PackerThis is the struct used to send events throuh a stream
oCfunction_table_elemUnion defining a function pointer
oCGlobal_LocusStructure defining the global location
oCHash_TableThis is the main hask table structure
oCHash_Table_InternalThis is the structure used to store the clusters (items that have the same hash)
oCKey_cellThe Key_cell structure Structure containing an internal hash table and table of key entries ( Key entry )
oCKey_entryThe Key_entry struct
oCKnowledge_systemThe Knowledge_system structure
oCKnowledge_system_jobStruct representing a job that does the actual data processing (created by Knowledge_system)
oCKs_cellThe Knowledge system cell structure Structure containing an internal hash table and table of knowledge systems ( Knowledge system )
oCMALP_BB_submitTemporary datastructure
oCMALP_blackboardThe MALP_blackboard structure
oCMALP_Blackboard_levelThe MALP_Blackboard_level structure
oCMALP_Trace_EventStruct defining an event
oCMALP_Trace_event_tUnion defining which data can be contained into an event
oCMPI_EventStruct defining a MPI event data
oCName_cellThe Name_cell structure Structure containing an internal hash table and table of cell names
oCPack_LocusStructure defining a location for an event pack
oCPbb_workersStructure defining a parallel blackboard worker set
oCPbb_workers_descStructure describing a workers descriptor
oCStream_DescriptorStructure containing data related to a stream and intended to be sent as an event (see MALP_Trace_Event)
oCStream_InfosStructure describing a stream
oCStream_ManagerStruct defining a stream manager
oCsync_tree_confThis structure describes a tree node for time synchronization
oCTA_Conf_entryDefine a configuration entry structure, which contain a descritpion buffer, the entry type and variables and buffers for all possible type of an entry value
oCTMP_Partition_descUtility struct for VMPI_Detect_Partitions(). Used to describe a partition
oCTMP_VMPI_Stream_descTemporary stream description struct
oCVMPI_MapDefines a map
oCVMPI_Partition_descStructure holding partitions descriptions
oCVMPI_StatusGlobal status handling
oCVMPI_StreamDefines a MPI stream
\CWrapped_EventStructure defining event for wrapped symbols