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Knowledge_system Struct Reference

The Knowledge_system structure. More...

#include <Knowledge_System.h>

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Data Fields

uint8_t freed
int64_t type
MALP_Spinlock lock
uint32_t sensivity_count
uint64_t * sensivity_keys
uint64_t * sensivity_array
struct Buffered_FIFOdata_entries
int is_serial
void(* process )(struct MALP_blackboard *bb, struct Data_entry **de, uint32_t entry_count, void *arg)
void * arg

Detailed Description

The Knowledge_system structure.

[DOC] What is sensivity ?

Definition at line 39 of file Knowledge_System.h.

Field Documentation

void* Knowledge_system::arg

arguments to give to process

Definition at line 54 of file Knowledge_System.h.

struct Buffered_FIFO* Knowledge_system::data_entries

Data entries Fifo

Definition at line 49 of file Knowledge_System.h.

uint8_t Knowledge_system::freed

KS freeing flag

Definition at line 41 of file Knowledge_System.h.

int Knowledge_system::is_serial

Boolean which determines whether jobs have to be processed serially (relativelly to this KS)

Definition at line 50 of file Knowledge_System.h.

MALP_Spinlock Knowledge_system::lock

The Spinlock for concurrent access

Definition at line 43 of file Knowledge_System.h.

void(* Knowledge_system::process)(struct MALP_blackboard *bb, struct Data_entry **de, uint32_t entry_count, void *arg)

The function to be called on data entries

Definition at line 52 of file Knowledge_System.h.

uint64_t* Knowledge_system::sensivity_array

Array used to detect multiple sensivities

Definition at line 48 of file Knowledge_System.h.

uint32_t Knowledge_system::sensivity_count

Number of data entries (Data Entry )

Definition at line 46 of file Knowledge_System.h.

uint64_t* Knowledge_system::sensivity_keys

Keys of the target data-types

Definition at line 47 of file Knowledge_System.h.

int64_t Knowledge_system::type

Knowledge system type (key)

Definition at line 42 of file Knowledge_System.h.

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