Multi-ApplicationOnlineProfiling  2.1
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Global compute_sync_tree (struct sync_tree_conf *conf, void(*action)(struct sync_tree_conf *next_conf, void *arg), void(*per_child_act)(struct sync_tree_conf *conf, void *arg), void(*post_action)(struct sync_tree_conf *next_conf, void *arg), void *arg)
[DOC] describe the tree...
Class Event_Locus
only Pack_Locus is actually used
Group Footprints_

[DOC] remove cond if we want to get all the footprints in the documentation

Class Global_Locus
only Pack_Locus is actually used
Group Hash_Tree_
Detailed description (not used ?)
Class Knowledge_system
[DOC] What is sensivity ?
Group MALP_Blackboard_Level_
Not used
Group Sampled_Grid_
Detailed description
Global Stream_MGR_new_stream (struct Stream_Descriptor *parent, Stream_type type)
Within MALP, parent is alwayse NULL and type is alwayse MALP_PROCESS
Global Stream_type
Only MALP_PROCESS is used within MALP.
Group Time_Grid_
Detailed description
Global VMPI_Stream_join (VMPI_Stream *dest, VMPI_Stream *src)
Clean release of src
Global VMPI_Stream_push_stream (VMPI_Stream *st, int dest, int remote_tag, int local_tag, VMPI_Stream_mode mode)
[DOC] Explainations on VMPI_Stream_push_stream...