Multi-ApplicationOnlineProfiling  2.1
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IO Connector

This module contains the IO_Connector part of MALP. More...


 IO Connector main
 This the main of the IO_Connector program.
 IO connector launcher
 Reports generation related utilities.

Detailed Description

This module contains the IO_Connector part of MALP.

The IO_Connector program is deprecated due to OTF2 Collector implementation work

An IO Connector cannot be launched alone. It has to be launched with an instrumented program and if needed with its analyzer. It can be set as a reader, or a writer and its partition name is set depending on its mode ("IO_READ_%s" or "IO_WRITE")

The virtual MPI mapping can be done with either the instrumented program or its analyser. Mapping of the IO_Connector to an analyser allows to use the intermediate BB as a supplementary IO cache.

If an analyser is available, Instrumentation and the Analyzer are mapped together. Otherwise (no analyser available, or undetected), instrumented programs are directly mapped to the IO_Connector.

List of mapping configurations: