Multi-ApplicationOnlineProfiling  2.1
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The Analyzer is the MPI program which is run together with the analyzed program. More...


 Analyzer BlackBoard
 Allows to use the Black board component, the event dispatcher, the reporting component.
 Analyzer configuration
 Analyzer components configuration utilities.
 Collectors interface
 Collectors related utilities.
 Dataset structure and utilities.
 Dataset List
 Dataset chained list utilities.
 Event dispatcher
 Event dispatcher used by an Analyzer and associated with the input communication stream.
 MPI Event class
 MPI event class verification.
 MPI Quadrant
 [UNUSED] : MPI Quadrant
 MPI Report
 Analyzer component for rendering reports and functions for wrapping calls to Report functions.
 Measure Collector
 Global structure used for storing MPI, connection info and the corresponding tools.
 Meta data handler
 Generic structure and utilities for storing Stream descriptor informations and hierarchical informations.
 Reports generation related utilities.
 Trace collector
 Main component of the Analyzer.

Detailed Description

The Analyzer is the MPI program which is run together with the analyzed program.

The Analyzer receives messages from the instrumented MPI applications launched via MALP. The components of the Analyser are used to process those messages and to create profile reports.

The main part of the Analyzer is the Trace collector designed to maintain the communication stream (see Meta data handler ), the Analyzer BlackBoard and the Event dispatcher .

It also offers a modular interface allowing extension with data collectors (Collectors) and renderers (Rendering).

The Analyzer component can be launched directly or with some configuration options: