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Bloom_Filter.h File Reference
#include "Bit_Array.h"
#include "Spinlock.h"
#include "CRC64.h"
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Data Structures

struct  Bloom_Filter
 This is the main structure defining the Bloom Filter. More...


void Bloom_Filter_init (struct Bloom_Filter *bf, uint64_t size, size_t sizeof_payload)
 Initializes a Bloom_Filter. More...
void Bloom_Filter_release (struct Bloom_Filter *bf)
 Releases a Bloom_Filter. More...
static uint64_t Bloom_Filter_get_cell (struct Bloom_Filter *bf, void *payload)
 Gets the given element's index within internal bit array. More...
static void Bloom_Filter_push (struct Bloom_Filter *bf, void *payload)
 Adds an element to the filter. More...
static int Bloom_Filter_test (struct Bloom_Filter *bf, void *payload)
 Tests if the filter contains an element. More...
void Bloom_Filter_replicate (struct Bloom_Filter *dest, struct Bloom_Filter *src)
 Copies a Bloom_Filter within an other. More...