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Key_Entry.c File Reference
#include "Key_Entry.h"
#include "Knowledge_System.h"
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void Key_entry_init (struct Key_entry *ke, uint64_t key)
 Init a key entry with given key. More...
void Key_entry_release (struct Key_entry *ke)
 Clears a key entry. More...
struct Knowledge_system ** Key_entry_find_empty (struct Key_entry *ke)
struct Knowledge_system ** Key_entry_get_ks (struct Key_entry *ke, struct Knowledge_system *ks)
 Search in the key entry if a Knowledge_system is associated with it. More...
void Key_entry_push_ks (struct Key_entry *ke, struct Knowledge_system *ks)
 associates a Knowledge_system to a key entry More...
void Key_entry_pop_ks (struct Key_entry *ke, struct Knowledge_system *ks)
 Removes an association between a Knowledge_system and its key. More...
void Key_entry_clear_ks (struct Key_entry *ke)
 Clear all references to Ks in this entry. More...
int Key_entry_get_count (struct Key_entry *ke)
 Get the number of Ks in this entry. More...
int Key_entry_has_KS_type (struct Key_entry *ke, uint64_t type)
 Check if a KS type is present in a key entry. More...
void Key_entry_walk (struct Key_entry *ke, int(*handler)(struct Knowledge_system *, void *), void *arg)
 Call a handler on every Ks of a key entry. More...

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Definition at line 22 of file Key_Entry.c.

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struct Knowledge_system** Key_entry_find_empty ( struct Key_entry ke)

Definition at line 44 of file Key_Entry.c.

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