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MALP_Blackboard_Level.c File Reference
#include "MALP_Blackboard.h"
#include <dlfcn.h>
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uint64_t MALP_Blackboard_level_id (char *MALP_Blackboard_level_name, char *object1_name, char *object2_name)
 Generate the hashcode for a 3 dimensions table buffer containing a blackboard level and two object names. More...
struct MALP_Blackboard_levelMALP_Blackboard_level_load (struct MALP_blackboard *bb, char *plugin_soname, void *arg)
 MALP_Blackboard_level_load [UNUSED?]. More...
struct MALP_Blackboard_levelMALP_Blackboard_level (struct MALP_blackboard *bb, int(*BB_level_setup)(struct MALP_blackboard *bb, void *arg), int(*BB_level_teardown)(struct MALP_blackboard *bb, void *arg), void *arg)
 Create a MALP_Blackboard_level structure using the parameters with NULL value for the handler's mapping library. More...
int MALP_Blackboard_level_unload (struct MALP_blackboard *bb, struct MALP_Blackboard_level *level)
 MALP_Blackboard_level_unload [UNUSED?]. More...