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Buffered_FIFO.c File Reference
#include "Buffered_FIFO.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
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uint64_t Buffered_FIFO_count (struct Buffered_FIFO *fifo)
 Thread-safely gets the number of elements stored in the FIFO. More...
void Buffered_FIFO_chunk_init (struct Buffered_FIFO_chunk *ch, uint64_t chunk_size, uint64_t elem_size)
struct Buffered_FIFO_chunkBuffered_FIFO_chunk_new (uint64_t chunk_size, uint64_t elem_size)
 Allocates a new Buffered_FIFO_chunk. More...
void Buffered_FIFO_chunk_release (struct Buffered_FIFO_chunk *ch)
 Deallocates a new Buffered_FIFO_chunk. More...
void * Buffered_FIFO_chunk_push (struct Buffered_FIFO_chunk *ch, void *elem)
 Pushes an element into a chunk. More...
void * Buffered_FIFO_chunk_pop (struct Buffered_FIFO_chunk *ch, void *dest)
 pops en element from a chunk More...
void Buffered_FIFO_init (struct Buffered_FIFO *fifo, uint64_t chunk_size, size_t elem_size)
 Initializes a Buffered_FIFO. More...
void Buffered_FIFO_release (struct Buffered_FIFO *fifo, void(*free_func)(void *))
 releases a FIFO More...
void * Buffered_FIFO_push (struct Buffered_FIFO *fifo, void *elem)
 Pushes an element into a FIFO. More...
void * Buffered_FIFO_pop (struct Buffered_FIFO *fifo, void *dest)
 Pops an element from a FIFO. More...

Function Documentation

void Buffered_FIFO_chunk_init ( struct Buffered_FIFO_chunk ch,
uint64_t  chunk_size,
uint64_t  elem_size 

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